Thank you to all our wonderful staff! Stay safe everyone!

March 26, 2020

THIS is the first time that the George Washington website blog has been used for a personal message, but then, these are unusual times!

I just wanted to take a public platform to pay tribute to the professionalism and purpose of the George Washington Hotel, Golf Club and Spa staff in the way they have conducted themselves throughout the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic of recent weeks.

Initially, it seemed as though we would be able to maintain our services throughout the current crisis but from one day to the next, changes and adjustments had to be made, parts of the business had to be curtailed, others closed down, and each time, staff had to pivot and respond.

Now we have reached the stage where the hotel is closed entirely to everyone but critical workers in the wake of the Prime Minister’s lockdown announcement.

During this process, we have asked an awful lot of our staff and it is only fair that the management thank them for their efforts. The way they coped in challenging times and the way they never lost sight of the paramount importance of guest service and safety was superb. Of course, the George Washington Hotel has not been alone in these challenges.

The whole of the hospitality industry has faced the same set of circumstances but some, as we have seen, some have handled those challenges better than others. Personally, I know that one of the main reasons why The George has been able to get through these last few weeks in the way it has, is because of the team spirit, the family spirit, that the hotel staff have. They have shown faith in us and we will show faith in them.

It also means that once this crisis is over – and it will pass – we will be able to re-open our doors  quickly, get the hotel and its facilities back-up to speed swiftly and be delighted to offer guests and customers some bright and welcome relief from what has been such a concerning and devastating period for so many people

In the meantime, I just want to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone at the hotel who has seen us through this difficult period so professionally.

That’s everyone working from reception and Nights through to the restaurants and bars, from the golf club and the greenkeepers to the gym, leisure and spa staff, from the kitchen, to the admin and finance departments, wedding, events, sales and marketing teams and of course the unsung heroes and heroines of housekeeping and everyone else who, together, make The George Washington Hotel the special place that it is, and the place it is my privilege to manage.

Ian Gray,
General manager
George Washington Hotel and Spa.


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