Home James – By George!

May 10, 2019

Free taxi service for diners – fare’s fayre!

THE George Washington Hotel is going that extra mile to attract diners – by offering them a free ride home!

The unique free taxi service has been introduced by the Wearside hotel so that more diners can enjoy its award-winning restaurant – the Carter and Fitch eaterie.

The ‘Home James’ offer applies to anyone living in the Washington and Springwell area with diners living further afield getting £5 knocked off any other fare.

George Washington Hotel general manager Ian Gray explained: “Although we’re just around the corner from so many people in Washington, we’ve had feedback that those who dine with us and enjoy a drink are reluctant to pay for taxis.

“In that context, we decided to take that concern off their shoulders by paying for the taxi ourselves!

“The service is available for anyone living in the Washington area and basically equates to a £5 saving.”

The collapse of celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain last month showed how even the most high profile eating out venues face challenges.

And Ian Gray admits it is a tough market right now.

He said: “The George Washington hotel has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in the decor of the Carter & Fitch, the staff and the food in order to give diners the best quality experience but that’s still no guarantee of success.

“Our restaurant more than holds its own but we think it is something of an undiscovered gem because it’s a place that you wouldn’t walk to or drive past.

“The feedback we’ve had from people who eat here has been great in terms of the food but there’s that feeling that we’re just a bit out of the way and we’re looking to remedy that.

“Thanks to Blueline Taxis, that’s no longer going to be an issue for the people of Washington.

“We pride ourselves on being a community hotel and now local people will be able to come here, enjoy the food and have a ride home on us.

Ben Bell, operations manager of Blueline Taxis, said: “I think it’s a great idea.

“I can’t think of anywhere else that’s done anything like this and all credit to the George Washington in ensuring that local people who might want to go out for a drink with their meal get safe home.”


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