Golf Course Re Opens Wednesday 13th May 2020

May 11, 2020

George Washington Golf Club Covid-19 Update – Course Re-Opens Wednesday 13th May 2020

Dear Friends,

Following last night’s announcement, the Course will re-open on Wednesday.

It is great that we can play Golf again, however it is very restricted and is very reliant on every Member playing their part in ensuring we all Stay Safe with social distancing maintained at all times.

Please see the Rules & Protocol that cover the safe reopening here at GWGC under the framework for Play Safe, Stay Safe from England Golf:

The key areas are:

Booking: All Members MUST have a booking, you are not allowed to just turn up. Members Only no pay and play visitors or Members guests.

Tee: 9 Holes only and play will start from 1st and 10th Tee to accommodate as many as possible.

Play: You MUST play on your OWN or as part of a family from the same household and currently living there.

Penalty for Breach of Rules: Loss of Membership

I am sure everyone will follow the Rules and enjoy playing this great game again.

Look forward to seeing you all again G.W.G.C.


Play Safe – Stay Safe

Rules & Protocol – Playing Golf & Staying Safe

Booking Tee Times:

BRS is disabled for booking Tee times. You will be able to VIEW ONLY.

You will be able to phone 0191 417 8346 or email gsd@georgewashington, 2 Days in advance of your preferred Tee time. Tees will be allocated on a first come first served basis and will be allocated fairly to ensure all can play. Tees will be allocated as 1 Ball ONLY (play on your own) unless you are family from the same household and currently living there, and play for the first 3 weeks from restart will be 9 HOLES ONLY with a simultaneous  1st and 10th Tee start. There will be a 10-minute gap between Tee times.

First Tee is 7 am and the last Tee is 6 pm – Course is Closed at 8.30 pm

Please note:

  • You MUST have a booking to play. You cannot just turn up.

Arrival in Car Park:

Please use the Hotel Car Park. Golf Club Car Park is closed.

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your Tee Time. Please Park at least 2 Car park spaces from the next Car. Change shoes get ready to play.  Please phone the Golf Shop on 0191 417 8346 to confirm your arrival. Proceed to the 1st or 10th Tee and report to the Starter. All facilities are Closed. No access to ClubHouse,  Golf Shop, Toilets,  Locker Room.

Please maintain two Metres (6 ft 6.74 inches) Social Distancing at all times.

1st Tee/10th Tee:

Your Membership Card MUST be shown to the Starter.

Maintain Social Distancing at all times.

During the Round:

Do not touch any stray balls.

Make your best effort to smooth the sand in Bunkers using your feet/and or club

Do not touch the Flagstick or any Course furniture including ball washers.

Remember its social Golf give yourself the Putt if its 12 inches (standard putter grip) from the Hole.

Please maintain Social Distancing at all times.

After the Round:

Social distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round, so when the round is overall Golfers MUST LEAVE the Course immediately. Go to your car, change and leave the site.

Please maintain Social Distancing at all times.



  • Own use Buggy’s are permitted for SINGLE PLAYER USE only except if the family from the same household and currently living there.
  • Hire Buggy’s are permitted for SINGLE PLAYER USE only except if the family is from the same household. Must be pre-booked and prepaid by phoning 0191 417 8346.
  • Hire trolleys available, pre-booked and prepaid as above.
  • Penalty for infringement of Social Distancing/Members Only/Tee Booking Rules
  • Please note Marshals will be on Course to ensure all Members follow the Social Distancing rule and that only Members are on the Course and have pre-booked.

Any infringement of any of these rules by any Member will result in their removal from the Course and immediate loss of Membership.

We all need to play our part and act responsibly during this Pandemic and enjoy our Golf.


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