Golf and Country Club Policy Statement COVID – 19 Updated 4th November

November 4, 2020

Mercure George Washington Golf and Country Club

We’re sorry to say that all of the golf facilities at George Washington Hotel will be closed from 5th November, however we will be reopening on 2nd December and look forward to welcoming you all back.


Club House/Arrival

  1. Arrive at the car park no earlier than 10 mins before your allocated tee time. Approach the Club house ten minutes beforehand and take guidance from Marshalls.
  2. Please ensure that where possible a space is left between each parking bay.
  3. Always keep at least 2 meters apart from staff and other members at all times.
  4. Payment for all products and services in the shop must be made by credit or debit cards (contactless where possible) No cash will be accepted.
  5. Locker and changing rooms will remain out of use until further notice.
  6. Pre wrapped snack food and drinks will be available subject to availability. (Available from week commencing 25th)
  7. No more than 1 person permitted into the shop at any one time and you must act responsibly and remain (Subject to change)
  8. Apparel cannot be tried on for size and must be bought as seen. No Returns

Driving Range   – We need you to help us keep everyone safe

  1. Maximum of one person per day at all times, this includes family members strictly only one person at all times
  2. On arrival in the Driving Range please, YOU MUST sanitise your hands with the provided gel, and using the provided spray and wipe to sanitize the ball machine before and after use. You will be provided sanitised baskets. Please ensure these are sanitised with provided spray and wipe and returned.
  3. Minimum purchase 100 balls – Ensure you have coins as no change is given, during shop hours you can purchase credit tokens or top up existing.
  4. Please be patient and allow as many people to enjoy the range in the Opening weeks and will be subject to change.
  5. Driving bays are on a first come first allocating basis – When Full you will be asked to remain in your vehicle.
  6. Please note a One-way system is in operation and must be followed, at all times – if there are people passing on the access route remain in your allocated bay until they pass at 2-metre distance.
  7. Tees are only available at power tees, rubber tees are removed until further notice.
  8. Please DO NOT TOUCH barriers, switches, handles and other contact surfaces.
  9. Putting green, ensure you are no less than 2 metres apart at all times and do not touch flag sticks.

Play  – “Patience is a virtue….” and also an expectation as we return to normal play – be courteous to the Volunteers and players at all times.

  1. Please adhere to all government rules and regulations- Remain Alert at all times to your actions and the environment you are entering.
  2. Tee time reservations are mandatory for all members and non-members- You will be turned away without a reserved tee time.
  3. Arrive towards at 1st Tee at least 5 minutes before your allocated tee time
  4. Gathering of more than 2 people is prohibited at all times unless members of the same household
  5. Do not share golf equipment with any other players
  6. Buggies are limited to one golfer or 2 golfers of the same household- You will be expected to wipe these down with spray and wipe provided these should be driven to area adjacent to starters for wiping down.
  7. Do not touch flag sticks at any time.
  8. Do not shake hands at any point with your playing partner
  9. Manage your own scorecard and do not exchange scorecards with any other people
  10. Rake bunkers with your golf club or your feet
  11. Minimum/Maximum number of golfers is 2 or up to 4 from the same household
  12. It is assumed that the ball is holed if it is within 12 inches of the hole i.e. the length of a standard grip, this does not prevent a player in match play conceding a stroke outside this length. Pop Up Cups will supersede this in due course.
  13. Once you have finished play please return to your car immediately and do not socially gather irrespective of 2 person rule.




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