Covid-19 Update – 18th September

September 18, 2020

Further to Today’s announcement from Matt Hancock in relation to the North East amended Covid-19 Regulations please find the changes to our hotel policy. During these challenging times we ask that our customers remain respectful and courteous to the hotel team members in the execution of their duties,  and the undertaking of their legal responsibilities. Our primary concern is the safety and welfare of our team, our valued guests and customers, and of course the community that we serve.

  • The rule of Six that applies to the rest of the England no longer applies to the North East until further notice. Customers visiting the hotel can no longer socialise or mix with any person from outside their own household or extended bubble.
  • The Catering and Bar facilities will now close at 10pm. Last food Orders will be 9.15 for non residents and 9.30 for residents. Last drink orders must be placed by 9.45.
  • Strict Table service rules will continue as per existing policy.
  • All guests Must register for track and trace either electronically or manually before they are served.
  • We will expect responsible and courteous behaviour at all times, any challenges to the enforcement of our legal obligations will be dealt with summarily. Our team are here to deliver the best service and standards under challenging circumstances. and conditions. Please extend common courtesy, understanding and patience at all times. Our duties have increased dramatically in terms of cleaning and sanitising of our hotel to ensure we keep you and each other safe at all times.
  • Face Masks MUST be worn at all times within the building with the exception of eating and drinking.
  • Sanitation stations are maintained and must be used upon entry to the hotel and  any of its departments.
  • We ask all guests to maintain two metre social distancing and 1 metre plus where this is not possible.
  • Play Safe stay safe regulations remain unchanged.

Covid-19 Policy Update FAQ’s

Does Grab and Go Breakfast offering contravene table service?

No this is promoting social distancing

Do residents need to leave the bar at 10pm?

No, they can remain in shared public areas provided they maintain the social distancing required – the Bar must be closed, however. Residents are permitted to order drinks via room service from 10pm

I am travelling into/within the area as part of a golf/Spa/break group and we are in twin rooms, does this mean we cannot travel?

You can Travel and you can share a room with one other person. The hotel room is, for the duration of the stay seen as your primary residence. You are sharing with one other person within your support Bubble.  When Dining you must not Mix with other members of your party under two metres and will be seated as the “bubble” i.e. two persons maximum to the table. It is not legislated – just guidance on meeting only in your bubble – if people are travelling to our venues then the only legislative obligation on the licensee or owner is that they provide an environment that allows social distancing – it is not for the licensee or owner to check whether people are in bubbles (that is guidance that applies to people who are leaving their homes).

We had three adults sharing a room can we still do this?

No, Third Persons will automatically be allocated a single room at no extra charge and subject to availability. The Hotel is not required to police the occupants of each room once the guest has checked into their accommodation which represents their primary residence for the duration their stay.

Can I visit another member of my group in a different room to the one I am in?

The hotel cannot and will not police movement between and within rooms. We do however expect all residents and guests to act within the given legislation.

What about after dinner can we join a group?

You must remain socially distant at all times in the dining/Bar area and no standing, mix, moving of tables will be permitted. We will however be arranging tables in order that you are socially distant but still able to communicate.

Can our golf group still play as four balls?

Yes, they can as this is governed by “PLAY SAFE STAY SAFE” rules of England Golf.

Can We Mix Provided we are outside on Bar Terrace?

No, the same rules apply to outside areas of a licensed premises.

What are the rules on room service?

No Change Business as usual.

Do I have to wear a mask in the hotel as I am a resident?

Yes, you must wear a mask at all times when in shared public space including in the restaurant and bar area and until seated.

I am a resident why are you asking me to Fill in track and trace every time I Enter the restaurant?

This is to ensure accuracy of reporting and to ensure that we can identify specific persons in the event of an outbreak

What has changed in relation n to playing golf?

Nothing the same rules apply as before

Do you have policies in place to ensure social distancing and my safety?

Yes, and we have been awarded the highest score in brand 98.67% Please follow links and blog on our website for details.



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