Celebrate Father’s Day with a Round of Golf!

June 17, 2020

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t found a great gift yet, we got you covered!

We have the perfect gift idea to make your dad feel appreciated from afar or for the whole family to celebrate together, check out our latest golf gift vouchers:

View all our Father’s Day Gift vouchers.


  • A gift voucher for a day out at our driving range with the family would be the ideal gift for beginner golfers. Our 7-hole, par 3 academy course and 20-bay floodlit driving range is perfect for practise. – Call us directly on 0191 417 8346 to purchase a gift voucher.
  • Is your dad a keen golfer? Give him the opportunity to visit our golf shop and spent their voucher on any golf products they want. – Call us directly on 0191 417 8346 to purchase a gift voucher.
  • Create a personal golf gift voucher – Call us directly on 0191 417 8346 to purchase a gift voucher.

Golf is a wonderful family game!

Father’s Day will be like no other this year, however, golf is back at the George Washington and what better time than now to make golf your family sport!

Golf might seem to many as an individual sport and although the game revolves around the individual’s performance, having your family there to support you is a great way to improve your game. Not only you get to cheer your family members on, but you also get to spend quality time with the family.

What makes golf the perfect family sport is it’s accessibility to all age groups, allowing the keen dad golfer to enjoy rounds with the younger members of the family, also you know what they say; you gotta start them young!

Peaceful, and distant from the rest of the world, the golf course is the ideal sport for some family bonding this summer!

If you have any queries or want to book a round of golf for the family, please contact us directly on 0191 417 8346.


For a clear view of our policy on Safety “play safe, stay safe” please click here.

#PlaySafeStaySafe Please always maintain social distancing, we all need to play our part and act responsibly during this pandemic and enjoy our golf.





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